Hygrade Components has 3 manufacturing locations strategically located to be able to provide coverage across the country. A significant investment in tooling has been made in recent years to duplicate production capability across a number of products in multiple locations. Transfer trucks run weekly between the facilities to maximize production utilization and deliver product on a timely basis, regardless of where a customer is located.
Corporate Headquarters
The corporate office is co-located with the Bethlehem facility and is home to our Finance, Production Planning and IT teams as well as the Customer Service Team manager and the manager of New Product Development.
1990 Highland Avenue, Bethlehem, PA 18020
Toll Free: 800-645-9475
Fax: 610-866-3761

Plant Locations

Hygrade - 
Milwaukee, OR
The Milwaukie facility has more than 10 roll-forming machines in operation and is home to the machinery acquired in 2019 to facilitate the manufacture of agriculture products in the Vineyard and Livestock Fencing categories.
1850 SE Milport Road
Milwaukie, OR 97222
Hygrade - 
Mount Pleasant, TN
In addition to the more than 30 roll-forming machines in operation, the Mount Pleasant facility (just south of Nashville, TN) is home to Hygrade’s aluminum slitting capability as well as the manufacture and assembly of patio doors, the production of screen frame, as well as steel stiffener, spacer and muntin bar.
7034 Industrial Park Road
Mt. Pleasant, TN 38474
Hygrade - 
Bethlehem, PA
More than 15 roll-forming machines are in operation to support the production of a broad array of product offerings.
1990 Highland Avenue
Bethlehem, PA 18020
Hygrade - 
Magnolia, AR
The Magnolia, AR plant has more than 15 roll formers along with punching capability and is mainly focused on steel stiffeners. The experienced staff and proximity to both the Texas and the Midwest allows for easy access to those markets.
1000 S Washington St.
Magnolia, AR 71753

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