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Air Spacer

Hygrade Laser-Welded Air Spacers are available in clear, light bronze, dark bronze,
black anodized and mill finish aluminum, as well as tin plate, galvanized and
stainless steel. Hygrade’s Air Spacers can accommodate your manufacturing
processes including gas filling and bending, as well as meet your warm edge needs.
We welcome the opportunity to work with you in the design and manufacturing of
custom spacer profiles. It’s all about providing more value to customers by offering
windows built with quality expertly crafted components…the essence of the Hygrade
Quality philosophy.

Roll formed to stringent quality control standards and exacting
tolerances and laser-welded for maximum strength, Hygrade’s
Air Spacers enhance the durability of your insulating glass units.
Hygrade’s spacers are available in a variety of profiles and sizes, including
standard, A-profile, low profile, LPD, rectangular and other specialized

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