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Screen Frame

Hygrade’s Screen Frame is presently available in numerous popular profiles, with a
variety of plastic-molded corners specially manufactured to satisfy design, durability
and production requirements. Hygrade’s cost-effective roll formed profiles and
connectors facilitate fabrication and produce high quality, aesthetically pleasing
screens. It’s all about providing more value to customers by offering windows built
with quality expertly crafted components… the essence of the Hygrade Quality

Hygrade’s Screen Frame and connectors are versatile and easy
to use. These precision roll formed profiles meet or exceed your
most demanding production, quality and durability standards.
Guaranteeing clean-cut ends and industry standard finishes, Hygrade
refuses to compromise on the details that define superior craftmanship.
Our quality Screen Components come in a variety of colors, finishes and
gauges that ideally compliment your existing window designs. Screen
Frame can be cut-to-length to improve production efficiency and
reduce scrap costs.

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