Track Cover TC18

Track Cover TC18

Track Cover

  • Height: 0.260"
  • Width: 0.213"
  • Opening: 0.177"

Standard Packaging

  • Less than 120" - 150 pcs. per tube
  • Greater than 120" - 50 pcs. per tube

Hygrade track covers are available to fit most manufacturers' patio door sills. Profiles are applicable for new construction or retro-fit needs allowing the cover to be slid on before the door is assembled or snapped on after assembly.

Hygrade's track cover tooling can be modified to produce track cover variations to meet specific needs and tooling can be made for custom shaped track covers.

Track cover products are fabricated from noncorrosive 300 series stainless steel. Track cover can be run to specific lengths at no additional charge.

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