Contoured EuroMuntin Bars

Hygrade EuroMuntin is available in nine contoured profiles varying in widths an d heights for your applications. Available in an array of colors as well as custom, two-tone and wood- grain colors for your specific product requirements, Hygrade EuroMuntin’s superior finishes meet or exceed industry durability standards. Plus, EuroMuntin’s decorative center connectors and our innovative internal joiners offer flexibility and maximum ease of assembly. Hygrade’s EuroMuntin can be fabricated using existing muntin notching equipment-no new machinery is required. We can even cut your EuroMuntin to length and notch each piece to your precise specifications. It’s all about providing more value to customers by offering them windows that are built with quality and expertly-crafted components-the essence of the Hygrade philosophy.


Contoured EuroMuntin Bars are available painted, mill finish, clear and Color-In anodized aluminum. Cut to length, fish-mouthed, TwoTone and post painted muntins are available. Box quantity and length may vary. Please contact Customer Service for options.

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